Mobile Notary Software Shortcuts To Streamline Your Loan Signing Business

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If youre a notary public, or especially if youre a mobile notary or loan signing agent, you might be surprised how much you can increase your productivity and earnings by using notary software to automate some of your routine tasks. For instance, one mobile notary was spending two hours a day on administrative tasks, leaving her with only enough time for three assignments a day. By using notary software to automate some of these tasks, she was able to cut her administrative time down to thirty minutes a day, leaving her enough time for eight assignments a day. That's over two-and-a-half times more business, just from automating some time-consuming routine tasks.

Here are some of the tasks you can automate by using notary software:

1. Phone alerts and answering: For mobile notaries whose clients have time-sensitive schedules, missed phone calls and late callbacks mean missed business opportunities. You can capture this lost business by setting up an automated phone alert system that lets your mobile phone, pager, or computer know instantly when an important call is coming in. You can likewise automate the process of answering, recording, and forwarding messages.

2. Appointment scheduling: When booking mobile notary appointments into your schedule, its important to have quick access to precise scheduling information to avoid any conflicts with other appointments or travel time. Its also vital to record appointment information in an easy-to-retrieve format. Appointment scheduling calendar software can assist you with this task.

3. Appointment reminders: Appointment software can also remind you when an appointment is coming up, to make sure you dont forget or lose track of time. You can determine how long before an appointment you want to be alerted. You can also choose to be alerted if youre running late for an appointment. And if you need to reschedule an appointment, you can do that, too.

4. Driving directions: No more fumbling with maps! Your computer and mobile phone can be used to provide you with instant access to driving directions, saving you time and gas mileage.

5. Client and prospect contact records: Client contact records are one of your most important business assets, providing the basis for communications, billing, and repeat business. Prospect contact records are your key to finding new clients. You can automate your management of both types of contact information by using spreadsheet or address book software, or variations of this technology specially designed for notaries.

6. Billing: An efficient billing system increases your odds of getting paid reliably and on time. By integrating your contact records with billing software, you can generate automatic, professional-looking billing invoices.

7. Payment collection: One mobile notary found she wasn't getting paid for an average of 35% of her assignments simply because she wasnt following up efficiently on unpaid bills. When she began using software to automate her billing and collection process, this dropped to 17-18%.

If youre computer-savvy, you can automate each of these tasks individually. Or if you want to save time, there is specialized notary software that will automate most of these tasks. The less time you spend on these tasks, the more time you have to spend working on assignments and earning money from your notary business.
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Mobile Notary Software Shortcuts To Streamline Your Loan Signing Business

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This article was published on 2010/11/01